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I made one phone call from the airport in Bali, Indonesia to Sydney, Australia. An operator told me that my VISA debit card would not work and so used my credit card instead, now I have charges on both, I emailed then to get it corrected and now they have put other charges on my credit card for calls that I could not have possibly made.

I have had to put a block on my credit card until this whole things sorts itself out.

This has turned out to be a very stressful time for one short phone all to home. Don't use BBG communications.

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Just checked my credit card account. Made two calls from Munich Airport to a fix line in Germany. First call not successful: EUR 22.4, second call lasted 4min again to a fix line in Germany: EUR 27!


Paris, Ile-De-France, France #609265

I'm in France, attempted to make call on phone using euro coins, unsuccessful. The screen showed the call was $0.70 for local call 1 minute.

We attempted twice with the credit card. Bank statement shows $41.70 for EACH UNSUCCESSFUL ATTEMPT.



Made a call to arrange pick up at Aria hotel in las vegas for a shuttle bus. I was charge 53.00 for the call.


2 attempts to call Brazil from Frankfurt Airport (no success though) costed me USD 52,10 EACH!


I just saw my charge for my 1 minute phonecall from paris. $44.42 These guys need stopped. BBG comm, YOU SUCK!!


$55 to call Melbourne from Bali.. about 30 second phone call...

logging an issue with the commonwealth bank.. No mention of those sorts of charges..

Would have been happy to pay $20 for it.. but $55..

Never using credit card phones again


The same situation but in my case 3 times 30 euros in Francfurt !!!!


I used BBG phone at Jakarta Internatinal airport to call a mobile in Malaysia, I tried 5 attempts and in 5th attempt got connected and spoke to 15 seconds only. After arrving to Australia I checked my credit card statement on internet banking found charges five times of AUD 71. The phone mentioned charges US$ 17/- for first minute but I am charged with AU $ 71.09 five times.


one call made from Caribbean to USA for 1 minute for 24 dollars.

they then charged for two other calls which i didn't make. one for 95 cents and one for 26 US dollars.

the credit card alerted me to fraud and will not make me pay. how does this company get away with this?


i got charged 29 dollars in London for a call that they didn't even put through, luckily i didn't try to call back and I have just cancelled my card to hopefully avoid the multiple charges that some of you have had to your cards.


i just realized i was charged 49.10 for a call i never even made.these people are sick.. but i know my God will take care of all those evil doers.


The same! Calls form Saint Martin Caribbean to Germany charged with about 41,-- USD per call!!!!!!!!

and now the will charge me 80,-- USD more. These calls are actually calls within the European Union!

Criminal organisation!!!!!!!!!!!


Same happened to me in Bali.

Did anyone get their money back?


I made a call from Heathrow airport to Spain, 20€ , but one week later BBG luxembourg charged to my credit card count 25.40€!!!

I've been robbed!!


I made a call from Beijin China airport to Australia and used my credit card after i swap it I was asked for the details again by the operator.

Now I got 3 charges of $25 x 3! I'm taking it with my Bank.

No way these bastards are going to get my money.

This is a criminal organisation and I will stop them!! :(


2 Unucesfull call from El Salvador and BBG LUXEMBOURG is charging me $96!!


I called from china airport to india on 4th april just talked 48 sec. and i was charged $71 but next day i checked my credit card detail and i was charged $60 more.Thats really disgusting..


Two unsucessufull call made from Amsterdam = 2x 38 euros ??

Guys pls what have you done about it???? I can't just leave it like that!!!


We have just been charged 3 x $71US for 3 calls where the voice message told me the numbers were invalid. I am currently talking to my bank and they will be lodging a complaint


i just realized I was charged $46.9 US dollars for a call i made from an airport on spain!!!! I am really mad. i didnt know they could charge so much for a call.

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