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Investigativeguy John Mattes has uncovered a scam so big it goes on worldwide. In pay phones worldwide at airports, BBG Communications has rigged phones so that coin rates are displayed but credit card rates are hidden .Consumers who use a credit card are charged rates 10 times over the rates posted for coins.Calls easily cost travelers $50 .

With 350,000 phones the company is raking in millions from unsuspecting travelers.

The company hides behind a dozen names such as International Satellite Communications, Faircall, Ntcs, BBG Londoon, BBG Luxembourg,International Calling Services,Call to International, and Call International just to name a few.

Whatever the name the scam is the same outrageous charges for credit card calls. the BBB gives them an F

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The phones in the boston subway system (Ailwife) have a slot for coins, but don't accept the coins. They actually only accept credit card payments at $10 per minute. The problem has existed for years.




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