BBG Communications International Satellite Communications Charged $56.64 for 2 minute message, then $97 for ten minute call to Canada from Mexico San Diego, California

Was staying at Krystal resort in Cancun, Mexico and wanted to call home. Cell phone would have cost $3/min, so I looked at the hotel room phone and saw that you could call Canada using toll free number and credit card for "reasonable rates" as it said on the phone. Called the first time and got answering machine at home and left 2 minute message. Called home half an hour later and talked to wife and kids for ten minutes.

Never was I notified of the charges or rates I would pay for the calls. I never talked to an operator. I stupidly assumed that "reasonable rates" would be less expensive than a cell phone call across borders.

When I checked my mastercard bill once I got home I was shocked to find two charges, one for $56.64 and another $97, for 1-800 calls from Mexico which I can only assume were for the 2 minute message and 10 minute call I made. I can't believe that the resort is in league with this criminal organization and that this 'communications' business is even allowed to operate this modern day piracy.

It is pure deception which preys on people assuming 'reasonable rates'. If I had known the true cost I never would have even considered making the call.

If you have a complaint regarding overcharging by BBG COMMUNICATIONS anywhere in the UK via a British Telecom including airport Payphones then please make your complaint and report using the reply form at the website:--->http://heathrowbbg.info/report.html

British Telecom has announced via their website:---> http://www.bt.com/pricing/current/Call_Charges_boo /> "The credit card payment service is now operated by BBG Communications on behalf of BT Payphones. "

We are in contact with the head of BT Payphone services who is addressing problems arising from the BBG COMMUNICATIONS Credit Card Service. Report your complaint here:---> http://heathrowbbg.info/report.html

Which will be forwarded directly to British Telecom

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BBG Communications, Inc. is an industry leader in Operator Assisted Services and offers the most comprehensive billing and collection services available.

The company operates in over 100,000 hotel guest rooms through out the United States, Mexico and Canada. BBG has interconnect and billing arrangements that enable it to directly carry and deliver telecommunications traffic and bill customers in Canada, Germany, Japan, UK and US and in every other country with credit card transactions.

Review about: Bbg Communications Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $97.

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Hi I use bt Payphone on Manchester Airport for local call for less than 4 seconds they took £3 that’s frustrating???????please uk government take action hundred people get scammed????

Chula Vista, California, United States #1327432

I don't know who these people are, but they keep calling me daily asking for a person I have never heard of. I keep telling them they have the wrong number. They say they will flag it, but they still keep calling!

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